A Few Words from Our Co-Founder Dr. Paresh Shah

How MoBE Map Works

Integrates personal devices

MyMoBEMap is integrated to a variety of personal devices and applications like Fitbit, glucometers, weighing scales, food diaries etc. to compile all relevant health information in one place. This data is used to learn the ability of the users to various calls to action.

Personalized nudges

The App generates several action cards, each of which trigger some action on the part of the user. These may inform, remind, educate or require a decisive action – like adherence to medication or record a blood sugar reading.Collectively these tiny actions move the user toward their care goals and habituate them to remain adherent on their care journeys.

Stay connected with care teams

The App allows users to escalate exceptions to their care teams, and alert specific care navigators where permitted. This allows care navigators to focus on exceptions that need their attention and improve health outcomes of their patients.