CareCentra’s Maternity Care Journey

This program has been designed with a focus on the mother and an emphasis on safety in maternity. Beginning early (first trimester) it helps reduce the risk of pre-term birth, informs the mother on delivery options, helps manage gestational hypertension, gestational diabetes, postpartum depression, and remain in touch with her health professionals through the process.
  • Weekly progesterone regimen
  • Daily aspirin therapy
  • Weekly PTB Risk checks (required)
  • Patient initiated risk checks - when perceived necessary
  • Blood pressure and blood glucose check
  • Manage medication adherence
  • Emotional health screening
  • Connect with your care team (when permitted)
  • Connect with relevant digital communities
  • Stress and Sleep management
  • Diet and Nutrition management
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Program Impact

  • Reduction in utilization costs ($50k per pre-term birth prevented)
  • Improved outcomes - reduction in NICU days, increase in gestational age at birth for those at elevated risk of pre-term birth (11% across USA)
  • Improved patient experience of care (NPS 86%)
  • Patient initiated risk checks - when perceived necessary
  • Drop out rate < 2%
  • Median engagement rate - 86%
  • Median (patient reported) adherence rate - 91%
  • Improved management postpartum depression