CareCentra’s medication adherence program

This care journey helps those on multiple prescription medications for chronic conditions to stay on top of their meds
  • Manage multiple prescription regimens
  • Identify unique barriers to adherence
  • Help build adherence habits
  • Provide financial support (like pharma couponing) where relevant
  • Remind patient about refills
  • Escalate barriers to care navigator where relevant
  • Track and report on missed doses
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an innovative approach to behavior shaping

Program Impact

  • Reduction in utilization costs
  • Reduction in hospitalizations
  • Drop out rate 
  • Median engagement rate - 68%
  • Median (patient reported) adherence rate - 92%
  • Improved Medication Possession Ratio in 86% of participants
  • Improved patient experience of care (Net Promoter Score 89%)