CareCentra’s healthy heart care Journey

This program is particularly valuable for patients with cardiovascular ailments ranging from congestive heart failure, acute coronary syndrome, and generally chronic ailments of the heart.
  • Daily statin therapy
  • Daily weigh in
  • Escalate for increase > 2 lbs. a day or 5 lbs. a week
  • Blood pressure and blood glucose check
  • PHQ2, PHQ9 Depression Scale
  • Manage medication adherence
  • Monitor activity levels
  • Emotional health screening
  • Stress and Sleep management
  • Diet and Nutrition management
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an innovative approach to behavior shaping

Program Impact

  • Reduction in utilization costs
  • Improved outcomes - Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events scores improved by 37%
  • Reduction in hospitalizations
  • Drop out rate 
  • Median engagement rate - 74%
  • Median (patient reported) adherence rate - 93%
  • Increase in medication adherence rate -15-20% (measured by Proportion of Days Covered – PDC ratio from prescription refill data)
  • Improved patient experience of care (Net Promoter Score 89%)