Our Story

CareCentra is founded on the belief that all patients can be nudged to do what they are both willing to do, and are able to do, to manage their condition provided these nudges are truly personalized. I first tried the approach on one of the most difficult patients I know.

My father, a congestive heart failure patient living in India, had turned 90 then. He was refusing to weigh himself every day despite knowing it would identify the need for diuresis in advance and avoid an ER visit. He saw it as a step towards prolonged hospital visits and had very little motivation to build a weighing habit.

Knowing my father’s appetite for gadgets, I urged him to step on a Bluetooth enabled smart scale by his bed and showed him how a trend line of his weight was being built on his iPad. He found that fascinating!‘Does this graph build every time I use the scale?’ he asked me, incredulously.That personalized nudge worked like magic. Now, as I sit down to dinner at 7.30pm every evening in New York, there is a ping on my phone. It is 6 am in India and my 95-year-old dad just woke up and stepped on the connected scale. In the early days there used to be several pings! As far as he was concerned, he was simply building that graph! Over the past five years, he has managed to keep his weight in check. It crossed the threshold set by AHA – 2 lbs. a day or 5 lbs. a week – two times. This triggered automatic SMS alerts to my brother who lives nearby, who took dad to the nearby hospital for diuresis. There have been no ER visits in 5 years (there had been a few earlier). And there is just one ping on the phone each day!

CareCentra’s platform simply replaced my efforts in this story with AI and now offers personalized nudging to all users. We are now on a quest to transform the lives of five million people in the US that live with heart failure one patient journey at a time!

- Vasant Kumar, Founder and CEO
Persuasive Technology

CareCentra’s platform is designed as persuasive technology that shapes user behaviors. It is highly personalized. This is distinctly different from rules engines that take a one-size-fits-all approach to reminding patients of care actions. Thus, while rules engines remain constant over time, CareCentra’s learning platform gets better and more personal overtime.

Clinically Validated

CareCentra’s behavior shaping platform is the only one of its kind to have gone through two long term, randomized, clinical trials in cardiovascular health and maternity with Intermountain Healthcare. It both trials it delivered significant improvements in outcomes and utilization costs.

Self-Learning AI

Our platform is built on the principles of behavior economics, advanced analytics and connected medical devices with the sole purpose of improving health outcomes through personalized patient engagement.As a self-learning system that generates precision nudges, it is unique in its approach to processing behavior signals – it gets ‘smarter’ over time in shaping user behaviors.

Meet Our Team

Vasant Kumar
Founder and CEO
Dr. Paresh Shah
Co-Founder and EVP Medical Affairs
Pradip Kumar
co-founder and Head of Operations
Julianne Herbster
Head of Marketing & Global Partnerships
Chief Technology Officer
Chief Technology Strategist
Head - Nudge Unit
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