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Bluetooth technology creates huge  opportunities in medical

Secure, trusted and super-efficient Bluetooth® Smart technology is powering millions of health and medical devices, with tens of millions more on the way.

Bluetooth Smart is the ideal wireless standard for medical and wellness applications, whether in a hospital environment or the home. Its 128-bit AES encryption ensures a highly secure network, keeping patient and medical information confidential during transmission. The frequency-hopping radio virtually eliminates network interference and provides strong immunity to RF noise sources such as electrosurgical devices and common household appliances. With a transmission range up to 100 meters (300 feet), Bluetooth Smart delivers power efficient, wireless connection flexibility.


00AsthmaDayMillions of Bluetooth Smart enabled medical devices have already entered the market including bAsthma Daylood glucose monitors, pulse oximeters, heart rate monitors, asthma inhalers and stethoscopes. These devices can easily connect and send data to the billions of Bluetooth Smart compatible PCs, tablets or smartphones that patients and doctors already own. With Bluetooth Smart, it’s never been easier for patients or even their healthcare providers, to monitor a wide variety of medical conditions while at home or on the go.
Experiencing explosive growth
ABI Research forecasts a 114% compound annual growth rate for total shipments of Bluetooth Smart enabled remote healthcare devices from 2012 to 2018 By 2018, ABI Research expects more than 31 million Bluetooth enabled on-site and remote health care devices to ship annually

Sensors that easily and securely collect health information
devicesSpriodocMedical DeviceThe emergence of power-efficient Bluetooth Smart allows manufacturers to design devices that are extremely small and require far less power. Consumers can now wear wireless sensors that can operate for months or years on just a tiny battery. Bluetooth technology is the conduit allowing inexpensive and super-efficient sensors to securely collect data and send it to an application on a Bluetooth Smart compatible tablet or smartphone which then turns it into useful and timely information. Consumers can then view their own health information or securely share their medical information with their healthcare provider, or in certain cases, alert emergency workers.


Many companies are realizing the market potential for Bluetooth technology in medical devices. For example, a small Bluetooth Smart sensor device that attaches to an asthma inhaler, sending updates to an app on a smartphone. The app collects detailed data about when and where people use their inhaler, relying on the GPS in their phone to pinpoint their location, with the app automatically creating an “asthma diary” for them. This information can help asthma patients and their doctors track exactly when and where they have asthma symptoms, as well as identify when their asthma is not under control.
Thanks to Bluetooth Smart, anyone can simply pair their phone with new types of Bluetooth wireless sensors to monitor everything from glucose and oxygen levels to heart rate and electrocardiogram (ECG).


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