A conversation with Vasant Kumar Ramaswamy

We publish our conversations with inspirational individuals in the healthcare industry to promote the innovation discourse and support framework. We spoke with Vasant Kumar Ramaswamy, Founder and CEO of Scriplogix.  Posted by Madhav Paul March 16, 2016 Scriplogix offers strategy, market research, and data analytics services to companies across the healthcare industry. Mr. Kumar’s work…

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Can Syncing Prescription Pickups Reduce Medication Nonadherence?

As more pharmacies adopt programs to reduce medication nonadherence, more research is needed to determine how effective they truly are. Pharmacies which use medication synchronization programs to reduce medication non-adherence need to carefully consider how best to implement their programs in order to produce positive results for all of their patients, according to a recent…

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Precision Medicine Sparks New Conversations about Patient Data

Patient data is at the heart of precision medicine, but privacy concerns and unanticipated use cases could cause problems for large-scale research efforts. The Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) is generating a great deal of excitement among researchers, clinicians, developers, and patients with an eye on curing cancer, managing diabetes, or eliminating Alzheimer’s disease. With unfeigned…

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